FBC Carlsbad February 2021 Update:
COVID-19 Guidelines

It is our desire to always provide a safe, friendly, and welcoming experience for members and guests of all ages at FBC Carlsbad. During this unprecedented time in the life of our church and nation, FBC continues to follow COVID-safe guidelines (physical distancing, face masks, sanitizing between services, etc.). As much as it is practical, and to the extent that New Mexico Public Health Orders and/ or Federal Guidance (CDC) do not conflict with our sincerely held religious beliefs or interfere with the content of Worship, Bible Study, or other ministries/activities, FBC Carlsbad will attempt to abide by any lawful public health order or guidance. Copies of our Policies & Procedures are available at each entrance as well as online. 

We want to make every effort to ensure that in-person Worship, Sunday School, and other ministries/activities continue uninterrupted. To that end, we kindly request (but do not require) that you please wear a mask or face covering when you enter and exit the building & classrooms and when you are unable to socially distance. 

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation as we move forward together in 2021. If you have any questions about FBC’s COVID-19 Policies & Procedures, please see one of the Pastors or call the church office.