Our Story

How it all started

In 1890, Baptists living in or around Eddy Town in the New Mexico Territory gathered to organize a Baptist Church. Many people joined the Church and they named it "Eddy Missionary Baptist Church". Their mission was to serve the new Town Of Eddy which already had a population of 278.  The congregation soon grew and their hearts longed for a house of worship. In 1891, the church was incorporated as the Eddy Missionary Baptist Church, and its Articles of Incorporation were filed in Santa Fe. The church secured land from the Township Company of the site of their new building at the corner of what is now North Halagueno and West Stevens Street (the present site of our FBC Annex). Once the building was completed, there was great rejoicing.

The church grew, and between 1904 and 1906, major remodels to the first building included electrical lights, a platform and a baptistery. The church grew even larger and voted to build a new worship center and Sunday School building (Our current Worship Center and adjoining classrooms) in 1935, and the building's capstone was placed in 1940. Renovations to the new Worship Center have been made since, installing new pews, stained-glass windows and other features.

Throughout the church's life we have taught the Word of God here in Carlsbad, and in other areas of the world through overseas missions. We have proudly served with many other churches and we have planted and helped operate at least three missions that have, since their founding, become their own Baptist churches. Our church has also helped start other churches in the Carlsbad area.
We are joyful in the work the Lord has given us to do, and will continue to worship, work and obey God in everything we do.

Expanding the vision...

First Baptist Carlsbad cooperates with other churches in Carlsbad to spread the Gospel. Fallapalooza, Vacation Bible School, our Christmas presentations, and other events like Rocktober are a great way our church gives to the community while sharing the Gospel.